Monday, November 19, 2012

My top 10 posts

 I hope you all realize that I have brought you 19 days of top-notch entertainment in a row. And all for free!

I thought I'd do a nice Monday Top Ten post for NaBloPoMo Day 19. I looked into my statistics and learned that these ten posts have received more views than any other. 

1. Man-Eating Fish Captured: Fun with News Friday

   This fun little article has gotten four times as many views as the next highest post. Why? Because it's about the Pacu fish. Apparently people are fascinated with this fish and it's human-like teeth. Since the day I published this post, the number one Google result that has brought people to  my blog is "pacu fish."

    This is a shame, really, because I think it's a funny post. I wish it were getting all those hits because it's so entertaining!

2. Hillbilly Hygiene 

     My husband, The Hillbilly, explains all about outhouses and one-room schools. In this article we discovered that there is a Hillbilly Hierarchy of Hygiene!

3. My Sister Hates Me!

     I have two sisters, and only one of them hates me -- just because I undertook to oversee her education when she was in high school and I was in college. Here's a picture of her hating me:

Okay, she hides it well, but I have evidence. Just read the post, and you'll see.

4. Five Things that Drive Me Crazy About Myself

Here's a little post that will help you get to know me better. You'll also learn why I never let my feelings guide my actions, and also ... squirrel!!

5. My Disneyland Photobook from Shutterfly

This is another one that got a lot of pageviews because people were looking for something else and Google sent them here. Still, if you like Disneyland and cute little girls, it's a good post.

6. Quotation Marks: Everybody's Talking

Alisa asked about quotation marks. When do you use single quotation marks as opposed to double quotation marks. You know, one finger air quotes, or two finger air quotes?

7. Let's Get This Right, People!

In this post, I go on an English teacher rant about the difference between lie and lay. If you don't know the difference, get on over there and find out!

8. Affect or Effect: The Big Showdown

This is a very patriotic post because my nephew the sailor asked me to write it. If you want to support  our military, you should read it. Of course, if you want soldiers and puppies to die, I guess you could skip it. I mean, if you can live with that on your shoulders.

9. In Which I Willingly Embarrass Myself

When Liz over at hosted a get together and invited her fellow bloggers to share their high school senior pictures, because I'm a joiner and a go-along kind of gal, I chose to participate in this little exercise in self-humiliation.

10. Fun with Adult Children

I am so glad this is in  my top ten because it is and always will be my very favorite post! Read it. Read the comments. You won't be sorry!

So, according to Google Analytics, these are my ten most-read posts of all time. But which are the posts you've enjoyed the most? If you're one of my original readers, you may have liked some of my earlier posts better. Please let me know in the comments so that I know how to continue to entertain you!