Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Which I Willingly Embarrass Myself

I was NOT a high school hottie. Actually, I'm so old that the term "hottie" was not even in use when I was in high school. But Liz over at bellebeanchicagodog.com is hosting a little get together and has invited her fellow bloggers to share their high school senior pictures. Because I'm a joiner and a go-along kind of gal, I have chosen to participate in this little exercise in self-humiliation.

Unlike most of the young ladies participating in this online spectacle, I was not a senior in the big-haired eighties. I graduated in 1977 (class motto: Oh, thank Heaven for '77). We didn't have big hair, but we had gauchos and cowl necks:

I know.

And big glasses. We had really big glasses!

So to recap: Big glasses. No big hair.
The second part of the assignment is to include a more recent photo of ourselves. So here's sort of what I look like now:
With my little sister who really was a high school hottie!