Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mother's Day Card

This is my mama:
She's beautiful!!

So is this:

 And all of these:

I'm the older girl there.

That little rugrat is my daughter, Alyssa
After Daddy's stroke

Granddaughters and great-granddaughter

The funny thing is, to me she is all of these women, all at the same time. But she is so much more than these pictures show. 

These pictures don't show:
  • the strength of her faith
  • the honesty of her character
  • the constancy of her love
  • the depth of her wisdom
  • the purity of her soul
  • the creativity of her mind
 Inside, this woman is a rock that has weathered many storms and stayed firm. She is the rock to which I am anchored. She is the sureness of my life.
My mama is the source of all that I am. I am grateful to God for giving her to me, to lead me, to shape me, to love me into the woman I am.
This is my mama!