Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beautiful Bows!

 Meet Carly
When I get a chance to help someone out, I love to do so. If I can help several people out by helping them find each other, even better. So today I want to introduce you to my friend Carly. I've known Carly for...well...her whole life. I've known her dad since we were teenagers. She and my daughter are the same age. I did a long-term sub position for Carly's English teacher when she was a freshman. I'm pretty sure she'd just as soon I not talk about that. Also, I'm pretty certain she hated the fact that I knew her parents. Let's just say she wasn't a grown-up yet and leave it at that.

Carly is a grown-up now. She has a masters degree, which is more than I have, and some really sweet little ones. Her youngest is a sweet girl named Kenzie. And this is where bringing you together comes in.
What a doll!

Did you know that little girls look adorable in big beautiful bows? I'm sure you did. Well, Carly makes and sells absolutely gorgeous bows! And don't tell her I said so, but she doesn't charge nearly enough.

The really cool thing is that she will custom make a bow for you to match any outfit. Just send her a picture.
Blue Green
Polka Dots!

Carly learned to make bows from her sister. She discovered that she really enjoys it. She describes it as "therapeutic," just going into her bow room after the children are in bed and creating. Soon friends began to ask her if she could make bows for their little girls. At first Carly wasn't sure she  could handle  a business with 3 kids and a job, so she decided to wait until she was on a break from work.

As soon as she started her Facebook page, KenzieOlivia Couture, she was flooded with orders! She's really having fun with it and enjoying getting to know new people. Why aren't you one of those new people?

Carly makes bows on stretchy headbands or on clips. She doesn't make them just for little girls. Big girls like them too!
Clip added to a hat

School colors
There are so many gorgeous pictures that I had a terrible time picking which ones to post. So here's what you do. Head on over to KenzieOliviaCouture and see for yourself. You will love what you see! And here are a few more just in case you're not convinced. But of course you're convinced!

A box of bows used as party favors

Blue flower
Geen/white with a jewel
Ok. I really have to stop. This is only about half of what I  downloaded in order to show you. Just get over there and see for yourself. Then order something at her ridiculously low prices!