Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wicked English Teacher Wednesday -- February

I've decided that Wicked English Teacher Wednesday should be a monthly feature because there are plenty of irritating grammar mistakes out there, but I should try not to be wicked too often, or you'll quit coming around. You know I love you and would hate for you to quit coming around; I'd be very lonely blogging without you. So the first Wednesday of every month, I will let my Wicked English Teacher self take over and rant about the errors I see everywhere I go.


I found this hilarious more than irritating, to tell the truth. I was reading a product review for a stand mixer. The reviewer complained that the attachments didn't "reach the middle of the bowel." A reader pointed out, "If you want a mixer to reach the center of your BOWEL you are going to need a lot longer handle"

It would have to be a pretty flexible handle too.

A blogger mentioned that something should be "avoided like the plaque."  I wasn't aware that plaques should be avoided. Is there a reason for this? Have plaques been found to cause cancer? Has there been a rash of plaques leaping off of walls and attacking innocent bystanders? Is there a new gang initiation that I should be telling everyone about on Facebook? Are gang members whacking people with plaques? Are they plaque whackers? Perhaps the writer meant this as a dental hygiene reminder. That certainly makes more sense than plaque whackers. Although, I'm afraid that if we all avoided this something with the dedication we use in flossing, there might not be as much avoiding as the writer might have expected. It is a puzzlement.

Avoid the Plaque!

Just Plain Ignorance?

There's a billboard around here that claims that riding the train is like paying ".50¢ per gallon" for gasoline. Now, I'm an English teacher, not a math teacher, but I understand decimals. The intent of the billboard (I looked online) was to say fifty cents. What it does say is one half a cent. This bugs me every time I drive by. Every. Single. Time.

 So that's this month's English teacher rant. What have you seen lately that makes you want to whack someone with a plaque?