Friday, July 20, 2012

Man-Eating Fish Captured: Fun with News Friday

Hi, there and welcome to another Fun with News Friday. This is exactly the second Fun with News Friday here on Commonplace Crazy, and it's so new I almost forgot all about it. But don't you fear because even though I got a  late start, I have a great story for you!

Ladies, if you love your man, do not let him go swimming in Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois. In fact, I'd keep my man out of any water in the state of Illinois. It seems that a fisherman caught a man-eating fish in Lake Yaeger. I use the term man-eating, not person-eating, very deliberately. You see, it seems the pacu fish enjoys dining on men's... umm...nether regions. 
Pacu Teeth
According to Wikipedia, the Pacu is a fish native to South America and is related to the piranha. Lake superintendent Jim Caldwell tells us, "Pacus primarily eat nuts, aquatic vegetation and snails." 

You don't know how much I wish I were making that up.

Natives of Papua New Guinea would disagree with this description of the pacu's diet. According to these folks, in 2011, two fisherman died from blood loss after a pacu ...well, basically...castrated them.

No word on how the South American fish got into the lake in Illinois or whether he was living alone or had any man-hungry companions with him. Either way, I'll be keeping The Hillbilly far away from any lakes in Illinois for a while. Or any lakes in the Midwest. Or California. Definitely South America...

And Friday Fun with News!

So what's new in your world?

Some details of this story were found here.