Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun with News Friday: Crazies Around the Country

Happy Friday, y'all, and welcome to  Fun with News Friday. Well, this week it's Christmas in July. I found a story regarding Santa Claus. It seems Jolly Old Saint Nick was out to have a little summer time fun, and like many of us, he found himself vacationing with the mouse. Yes, folks, Santa went to Disney World.

Apparently though, Mickey and friends are not generous about sharing their park space with other icons, and Santa was asked to leave. Watch the video and weigh in with an opinion. What if anything should have been done about Santa?

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Another news story (find it here) leaves me perplexed. I don't know who to go off on here. See if you can help me out.

 It seems a young lady was in Walmart (of course it was Walmart!) when a "gentleman" approached her. Striking up a discussion, he asked her if she was familiar with the show America's Funniest Home Videos. You know the show. It's the one where everyday people take family videos, something funny and unexpected happens, and they mail the video in.

Notice how nothing that happens here sounds anything like that show.

So this guy claims that he's with the show. He asks her a couple questions, like are her toe nails polished. You know, the normal small talk women have with men they've never laid eyes on before. Then he tells her that for the show he'd like to kiss her foot as "part of the prank." Does anyone remember how this show is supposed to work? Does anyone remember anything about the producers of the show playing pranks? 

Me neither.

So, of course, she lets him. In spite of the fact that there's not a TV camera in sight. Or the fact that there's no one on whom to actually play the prank. Well, she's not completely stupid. She didn't agree to it until after he told her that if she went along with it, everything she bought that day at Walmart would be free. 

Uuuhhhh.....yeah.....    So he commences with the foot kissing.
Toes with polish
Photo Credit: Laura-S from Stock xchange

Only instead of kissing her foot, he begins sucking on her big toe! And this, she decides, is suspicious activity, and she begins to scream! The weird toe-sucking guy runs off at this point, but not before telling her, "It tasted so good, though!"

I'll wait while you go throw up.

Everyone back? Good.


What do we all think about the toe-sucking pervert? And what do we think about the ninny who let a total stranger "kiss her feet"? And how many of us are ever going to bare our feet in public again? And how long will it take for this image that's seared into my brain to finally fade away?

Comments are open, y'all! And don't forget Santa!

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