What "They" Say

 Laverne: There is something about your blog and you. Feels like coming to a warm, cozy inviting home away from home. It is a rich life you live!!

theparanormalist: Your blog is lovely, and I enjoy your writing voice

KD: I just love these posts! The voice is perfectly tuned to the subject: Energetic, fun, and confident.

Lisa: I look forward to your 'rants'. Once a month may not be enough. If you change your mind, it's okay with me. I could use the help... and just so you know I now consider you my personal English tutor!

Trish: I love this! LOVE it! I love your pop quizzes!

Pamela: I just left a comment on your "Fun with Adult Children" post from October. That's how I found you, bouncing and clicking. So glad I did. You're funny. 

Kristin: So, this post actually taught me something - in a really funny, entertaining way, no less! 

Mynewfavoriteday: Hilarious and informative!

manhatamamma: as an English professor, I have to tell you - THANK YOU.

Ilana:  For the record, you are the coolest mom I know on twitter. And everyone I know is a mom on twitter. SO. 

Lily: I patiently await your next post. And by "patiently" I mean the exact opposite.

Jessica: I was literally at the edge of my seat.

Alison: Hahaha!! Love this. I wish I had you as an English teacher. 

Jason: Great story!!!! I love reading life stories and experiences! You have wonderful talent with the written word. Your writing takes me along the ride with you and that is impressive!

Don't forget the family banter:
Lily: Have I mentioned how I love that you and Alyssa go back and forth in the comments section? I do.

Alyssa: Ok, now you're just stealing my material and calling it a blog post. :)

 Jason: The taunting between your daughter and you are hilarious as was the tragic yet somehow hilarious honeymoon story. Love the question/answer for English questions. Fun stuff! 

momnextdoor:  I really love the banter between you and Alyssa.