Monday, April 28, 2014

An Easter Recap

The weather was glorious Easter Sunday, and the company was perfect. We started the day, just as we do every Sunday, by celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord. As always, the worship service was uplifting.

After worship, we all assembled at my mama's house for a wonderful dinner. There was ham, potato salad, fruit salad, broccoli salad, and green salad, along with hot, delicious bread. For dessert we had strawberry shortcake. To celebrate the Hillbilly's birthday, we had the teeniest cake I had ever seen.


Of course we had an Easter egg hunt for the grandchildren. Miss Sunshine didn't gather as many eggs as she could have because every time she found a plastic egg, she had to open it and eat the candy before searching for another egg.

Miss Sunshine with a slightly chocolate face

The girls all looked lovely in their Easter best.
The Athlete, Miss Sunshine, and The Princess
And The Monster posed for pictures too.

This reminds me of my brother. There's not one picture of him from age 3 to 18 where he's not making a face.

Every year on Easter we take family pictures in my mother's beautiful garden.

The Hillbilly and I with our little gang

My mama and her girls
We were missing two of our grandchildren, The New One and The Model
We wish they could have been with us!

Once all of the formalities were over, the children were left to their own devices. They chose to hunt snails in the garden. They found plenty. Then The Athlete decided to invite one out to play. As in she tried to pull it out of its shell. Forcefully.

I'll just leave you with that little image to occupy your mind until my next blog post.

How was your Easter? What funny things did the children do? Leave a comment!