Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Blog Prompt NaBloPoMo Version

You all know one of my favorite things to do is make fun of the Random Blog Prompt Generator, aka RBPG:
RBPG: Like this...but not.

Okay, I do like to make fun of it, but to be honest, it has saved my fanny a few times when I couldn't come up with a blog post topic. So here we are smack in the middle of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), and I've got nothing...except for my little robotic friend. So here we are again.

Oh, wise RGPG, what would you like to know today?

* Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. When you open your eyes, write what you feel.
Seriously? Okay, fine. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Trust me. And I feel...stupid for following orders from a non-existent, inanimate RBPG.

*I am not happy with myself. Here's why...
Now see how much smarter I've gotten? I used to think the RBPG was starting to tell me something and then breaking off. I really hated that. Finally I figured out that it was a ... (ready?)....prompt.  So to finish the prompt, I am not happy with myself because I'm taking orders from a non-existent, inanimate RBPG.


*When I'm on top of the world... it's really really cold, and I think there may be polar bears; I forget. And elves! There are elves!
North pole direction sign
See? Polar bears!

*Your present job makes you... That's a really complicated prompt, RBPG. It depends on which day of the week, what hour of the day, which month of the year, and whether or not my assistant principal has just observed me for my biennial evaluation.  Which he has. And the fact that he's twenty years younger than me and spent exactly three years teaching before becoming an administrator in no way bothers me. Sooo....let's talk about something else.

If I could undo one event from this past week...  it would probably be the onions I had on my hamburger last night. I generally order my burger with no cheese and no onions, but at some drive through places that is apparently one special request too many causing them to frequently put cheese on my supposedly cheese-free burger, so last night I just ordered it without the cheese so as not to short circuit the brains of the people filling the orders. Several hours later I recalled why I also usually leave off the onions. So, yeah. That.
Hamburger on a plate
Credit: Andrea Mukka

What's the coolest piece of technology you work or play with?
Why, RBPG, are you fishing for compliments? 

*What things in life give you pain?
Remember the onions?

*Why do you think you were born into this world?
I was born into this world because none of the other worlds have an oxygen atmosphere where I could survive. And also, no mommies to give birth to me. So I had to be born into this one. What an odd question.
Comparative sizes of planets
Well, which planet would you want to be born on?

*An activity that I enjoy is... giving RBPG a hard time. We just have so much fun together.

What do you think? One more to make it an even ten? Oh, sure. Let's give it a try.

*Writing is my... 
Maybe we should have stopped at nine. Okay. Writing is my way of reaching out to my friends all over the world, my new friends and my old friends. It's my way of staying connected. It's my way of getting attention. It's my way of giving my sense of humor an outlet. It's my pleasure.

So what do you think? RBPG did a pretty good job this time, didn't it? How would you answer any of these questions?

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post may have been exaggerated for comedic effect. Maybe.