Friday, November 30, 2012

Why I Love My Daughter-in-Law

I told you about my daughter-in-law once. I called her Little Mama that time, but really her name is Caryn. I love Caryn a lot. She's a great mommy to our granddaughters and a wonderful wife to our son. She's smart and sweet and funny. Mostly funny. Without trying.

Let me give you an example. We were at their house last week for a big day-after-Thanksgiving party. Caryn is a marvelous entertainer. She cooks a ton of food and presents it beautifully. She decorates the house and makes everyone comfortable. I love going to her house for a party.

At one point she offered me a cup of coffee. It went like this:
Would you like a cup of coffee? Is reheated from this morning okay, or do you want me to make it fresh?
I assured her that reheated would be just fine. She responded,
Okay, but be honest with me okay? Here's what I did. I usually have half decaf and half regular, but I thought I might need some extra caffeine today because I was going to be so busy, so when I set up the pot last night, I added French Roast on top. So when I tasted it this morning, I thought, "What is wrong with my coffee? Oh yeah! I added French Roast on top." So it was weird. So is that okay? I'll make you fresh.
And she did.