Monday, June 4, 2012

My Sister Hates Me.

 I have two sisters, both younger than me. I'm very glad that I didn't drown them in the bathtub when they were little. They were pretty pesky and usually ganged up on me (I'll tell you about that some day), but they've grown up to be my best friends.
The tall goofy looking one is me. The middle sister, Chris, hates me.

Well, Chris doesn't actually hate me; she just hates the Wicked English Teacher. When I wrote the first Wicked English Teacher post, she left this comment: AAAAARRRGG! I HATE this! You knew I would! The only thing I hate worse than bad spelleeng , grammmmer and the like iz people pointing it out in otherz!AAAARgggg! Where's my chocolate!?

Rather emotional, isn't she? In all fairness, Chris is reacting to a perceived personal trauma. You see, when she was a teenager, she had an older sister, an English major, who was living away from home. Chris would write letters to her older sister, whom she adored (as well she should). The older sister loved Chris very much and wanted her to be the very best she could be. As the eldest sister, she had always felt that it was her job to look after the younger two. Chris was a very smart but air-headed teenager who would have been happy wasting her entire life putting on make up and styling her hair. School was where she went to be with her friends, and it served no other purpose. 

The wonderful older sister saw all of Chris's potential being tossed aside, so she did what any loving sister would do. She undertook to educate Chris in spite of herself. Yes, my friends, this kind, loving, thoughtful older sister took time out of her busy busy college cramming schedule to take a red ink pen to Chris's letters and return them to her corrected. Of course, she also read and responded to Chris's letters with loving letters of her own. The older sister was perfectly reasonable.

Chris, however, with all the over-emotionalism of adolescence, took offense at these attempts to better her life, and to this day refuses to accept that her tender and caring sister was looking after her best interests. And that, dear readers, is why my sister hates me. Or the Wicked English Teacher. Or both of us.

See how well she turned out with her big sister's guidance?

So how do you and your siblings get along? Which ones would you like to kill? Which ones are you glad you didn't leave locked in the basement?

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