Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This is Cynthia's Blog

Back in October, 2011 when I started blogging, I needed a name. I mean a name for the blog...I already have a name. I've had a name for as long as I can remember. Anyway, the blog needed a name. My first choice was "Life's Little Absurdities," but it was taken. It doesn't seem to be currently taken. I suppose it's too late to change it? Yeah, probably.

So I went to my blogging guru, Alyssa at Near Normalcy, who is also my daughter. She sent me a list of suggestions. Sadly, I no longer have the list and can't remember the non-winning ideas. I know that they were all alliterative and dealt with insanity, absurdity, or stupidity in some form or other. I immediately seized on Commonplace Crazy, and the rest is history.
Pyramid and sphinx Giza
History..get it? Okay, never mind.
But truthfully, I've never liked it as well as my original choice. I know it's too late to change the name of my little corner of the blogosphere, but for the sake of coming up with a  blog post creativity, let's imagine what other names might work.

First there's Cynthia's Blog.  I wish I'd thought of it before that other Cynthia did, but she's been blogging a lot longer than I have, so I guess she's entitled to it. Another appropriate name that has already been taken is Grammar Girl (Do NOT click that link! You can get all the grammar help you need right here!).

With the way my husband has recently taken over my blog, I could have named it The Hillbilly's Wife or Mrs. Hillbilly.  There actually is a Hillbilly Housewife who offers low cost recipes for home cooking from scratch and other frugal tips. There is also a blog called The Hillbilly Wife that has been inactive since July 2010.


Anyway, when I started Commonplace Crazy, I had no idea that The Hillbilly was going to start writing out all of his stories. I've got to tell you that his stories are much more concise when he writes them than when he tells them. When he tells stories, they go something like this:

I remember one time when my cousin Bob and I got lost on a hunting trip. Bob is the one who married Beth Ann. They have two kids? Their boy got a football scholarship. You know Beth Ann. She's that tall blonde who always dresses so nice. Her whole family is like that. So Bob and I were hunting down on Floyd. (Cynthia's note: It's never "on Floyd's property." It's always "on Floyd.") You know how Floyd's farm sits down on that river bottom with the big bluffs across the river. That's where I took Joe and Don on that fishing trip when that old guy tried to chase us off. Scared Don to death, but my dad just got right in the old guy's face and hollered back...

The story of when Bob and The Hillbilly got lost on the hunting trip will eventually be told, but you'd better be willing to wait for it. A. Long. Time.

My sister-in-law started telling about something happening one day, and I just busted out laughing when I realized that she told stories the same way. No telling how many generations it goes back.

Oh, yeah. We were talking about other names for my blog. I got sidetracked.

Actually, I can't think of anymore good ones. For the sake of having a lot of comments creativity, why don't you share your ideas? What would have been a good name for this blog? Besides Commonplace Crazy, I mean, because, well, really, crazy is kind of commonplace around here.