Friday, June 29, 2012

Online Image Mapper: A Shout Out

Y'all, when someone makes my life easier, and does it for free with no strings attached, I like to give proper thanks. Now, I'm fairly techy, but HTML scares me to death. Enter Online Image Mapper. I wasn't happy with my social networking buttons because I  only knew how to link the icons if they were separate images. This made it necessary to have the buttons spread out rather than close together in a nice tight space.

Along came Online Image Mapper. This nifty tool allowed me to put all my icons into one tight group,and then link each section to its social network. Yay! It was SO EASY! Now I'm looking for other images I can map. I don't have any particular reason to map any images, but it's so easy that it's fun. I might just redo my networking icons just because I can!

What's remarkable is that this tool is free to use! Thanks, guys! 

Full disclosure: I'm not receiving anything at all for this post. In fact, I made a small donation because I recognize that this tool is something that could have (and probably should have) cost me money to use. I just want to share this really cool tool with my readers and give credit where credit is due.

If you want to try mapping an image of your own, click the link below:
Online Image Map Tool - Upload your image, map it, get your code!