Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's a Listicle?

Well, I've seen the word Listicles around the blogosphere, and as near as I can tell, this week's list is supposed to be baby pictures. Therefore (that's this week's vocabulary word in room B205) in the name of Listicles, by the power given me by NaBloPoMo, I present: My Favorite Baby Pictures!  (They're my grandchildren in case you weren't sure.)

Granddaughter #1  The Princess at her first wedding. That's her auntie.

The Princess and her big blue eyes

The Princess at Easter
Granddaughter#2  The Model. Bet you can't guess why I chose this picture!

The Model with her big blue eyes

The Model at birth
Granddaughter #3 The Athlete
The Athlete
The Athlete
And finally, the grandson, aka The Monster
The Monster -- I know, I know. Just trust me
The Monster in a tub
And that's my first listicle. Whatever a listicle is. I'm pretty sure my list is only supposed to have 10 items, but I've got 4 grandchildren, and I'm not cutting any of them in half.