Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Baby is Moving Out!

This is one of those tough motherhood moments. My Boy is moving out. That's right; my youngest child who has lived at home lo these many years is moving out of the back bedroom all the way to...the other side of town!

My Boy is 27 now, so I suppose it's really time to put his things on the front porch and change the locks...let him go. Clearly he can take care of himself. It's not like he's ever done anything foolish or dangerous.

A little rock climbing
Okay, a LOT of rock climbing

No fear of heights

No natural understanding of the dangers of heights.

No sense whatsoever!
So, yeah. I see no problem with him going off alone into the big wide world.


  1. Those pictures made my stomach drop away. I could not handle it if one of my children took up such a sport. It's funny, though - I got used to my baby learning karate and it only took six years. Now that he's a brown belt, I hardly ever flinch when someone hits him in the head :)

  2. I have to keep looking at those pictures. It's called facing my fears. Yeah, I can see the whole hitting in the head thing not being fun to watch when it's your baby. Why do they do these things to us?

  3. Holy frickin crap! (excuse my English, English teacher, but Holy frickin crap!)

    Dear God, please don't let my son (or daughter) become interested in rock climbing...ever. Amen.

  4. Thanks for sharing...I know this is a big step for all of you. :-) I wondered what you were thinking when I saw that he was moving. Now I know!!!

  5. Well, Lori, I'm just grateful it's not Texas this time. I can handle across town.

    momnextdoor, very colorfully but accurately put.

  6. LOL....I wouldn't be anywhere near that ledge but there was a time that I would have thought nothing of it. :) Ahhh the things you learn and continue to learn every day as life passes.

  7. So, Jason, you're saying that at some point after he reaches 30 I can quit worrying about him? I certainly hope so.


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