Friday, April 13, 2012

The Spring Break Version of Random Blog Prompt Friday

*Disclaimer: I blatantly stole the idea of Random Blog Prompt Friday from my daughter, Near Normalcy. It would be totally inappropriate for me to use this marvelous idea for what to write when you're too lazy to think of something original without giving her due credit.

Me with my amazingly creative daughter and my daredevil sewing wizard son

**Disclaimer: Although the title of the post contains the words "Spring Break," there really isn't anything about spring break here. I used the term purely for SEO purposes. But I am actually on spring break, so it's not completely inaccurate or pandering to Google.

With the required funny just-because-I felt-like-it disclaimers out of the way, let's carry on with the actual random blog prompts:

What are your hobbies? Why do you like them? Oooh! A question I can answer semi-seriously! At this point, blogging is a hobby. It's certainly not a paying profession. I like it because I get to write and people read what I write and tell me I'm wonderful. I like it when people tell me I'm wonderful. Also, because of my blog, I've made friends with some wonderful, sweet, intelligent, zany people, and I like all of those qualities in a friend. I like rich in a friend too, but that doesn't necessarily help me in the virtual friend world, and also doesn't seem to have helped me in the real world friend area either.

My other hobby is photography. I like it because I'm too uncoordinated to paint. 

My Camera. Well, not my actual camera, but one just like it.

Moving on.

What's the hardest thing you've ever had to learn? Algebra. If my brother hadn't majored in physics and my best friend majored in math, I would have had to drop out of high school. This is why I majored in English.

The other hardest thing (you know you can't have two hardest things, right?) I've ever had to learn is that you can't marry someone expecting to change him into the person you want him to be. You have to marry someone who already is the person you want him to be. Okay, the actual learning of that lesson was easy; the process of living with that lesson was hard. This doesn't appear to be a humorous answer at all. We need another question.

What is truth? About a three-quarters of everything I've written in this blog since it began. 

Children are... what you have to put up with if you ever want to have grandchildren.

Us with The Newest One and The Athlete
The Monster
The Princess

Is true love real? Absolutely!! But it's not something you fall into, and a lot of people confuse love with romance or attraction. True love is full of respect and admiration. A lot of people need to learn that. True love means putting up with each other's imperfections. Like when he leaves paper towels all over the kitchen. Or how he tells you the same stories over and over. This does NOT mean putting up with abuse! That's not an imperfection; it's an inexcusable flaw.

The Hillbilly and I are blessed with true love, and I admire and respect him even though he insists on referring to the Internet as Google. As in, "Which icon do I click to get to Google?" Either the E or the fox in a circle. "My Google isn't working. Is your Google working?" No, and neither are any of the other web sites. The Google appears to be down, Dear.

Yay! We have successfully navigated another Random Blog Prompt Friday. How would you answer these really, really random questions?

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