Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday for Wordless Wednesday!

Here in Crazy Land, I'm on vacation and not feeling like doing any heavy lifting. This is probably evident from the lack of recent posting. So just so you don't think I've forgotten you (you know I'd never do that!) here are some pictures from a lovely Easter spent at my mom's house. Isn't her yard beautiful?

The Hillbilly and our newest granddaughter

She thinks he's as funny as I do.

I really have no idea what this is about, but isn't she cute?

It's The Monster's first egg hunt, and he's not sure about the whole thing.

Two of our granddaughters and a friend. All of them looked so pretty!

Alyssa was not happy that I stood there taking pictures while The Monster got himself all wet. Grandma has privileges!

Our little group of egg hunters!

By this time The Athlete had had enough picture taking.

My two beautiful children. I had to tickle Ben to get him to show his teeth.

 So how was your holiday? And wouldn't you like to come have pictures taken in my mom's yard?