Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hillbilly Charm and Rugged Manliness

Here he is again!

Well, it has been quite a while since I have made a posting for Cynthia. I am sure everyone has been waiting breathlessly to hear from The Hillbilly. And of course, I truly don’t want someone passing out while they wait. 

Today I am going to give you a change and move forward to a somewhat more recent time.  I know that Cynthia has told you some about how we met, but I want to go to what I would have to call our first true date.  We had spent a few evenings together attending a large church meeting and taking her niece out to various activities.   We had enjoyed ourselves and had laughed a lot but had really not had time to be alone and have any serious conversations.  So I took off early and we went to The Lake of the Ozarks for lunch. 

Lake of the Ozarks Official Site

 If you have never been there, it is called the Dragon Lake.  It is shaped like a dragon and has over 1300 miles of shore line.  It has many houses that are larger than most movie star’s homes, and they are mostly vacation homes.   It has huge condo complexes, boats on it that are monstrous, making it great for skiing or jet skiing.  The water temperature gets to being like bath water in the summer so people don’t freeze their  tookus off, (which I personally have no desire to do).  It is a good fishing lake.  Shopping is good.  There is lots of entertainment.  There are great restaurants; in fact some of my favorites in the entire country are there!   They have deep fried lobster there.  Boy is that rich!   And for the golfer, last I heard there are about 22 golf courses (pasture pool as we hillbillies call it). In fact when I still lived in the area, it was listed in the top ten golf destinations in the United States.  {Cynthia's Note: If it sounds like The Hillbilly is trying to sell you some land, he may be. He still holds a Missouri real estate license.}

After lunch we went on to Ha Ha Tonka State Park.  To my way of thinking, it is Missouri’s prettiest state park.  We did some of the walking trails and enjoyed the scenery.  I was particularly enjoying it since Cynthia’s looks were improving it for me!  (Hey, I am a guy!) 
Ha Ha Tonka

At any rate, after a couple of hours of this, Cynthia’s complexion began becoming rosier and I am thinking that she is being affected by my hillbilly charm and rugged manliness!  (Hey, don’t knock it---she did marry me didn’t she?)  But about that time, she says, I think I am getting too hot and need to get to air conditioning and get something to drink.  {Cynthia's Note: It was the 200% humidity that was the problem!}

So I rushed her to the car.  Got the air conditioning going.  I got her something cold to drink.  Took her to the river where she got to put her feet in cool water.  Basically, I babied her!  So on this trip, she got too hot and got her first and only tick. {Cynthia's Note: TICK!!!}  Boy do we hillbillies know how to show a girl a good time! 

Though it was hot, I am sure that much of Cynthia’s getting overheated was partly the heat but mostly being close to my aforementioned hillbilly charm and rugged manliness.  As is stuttered in one country song ,th-that’s m-my st-story and I am st-sticking to it!

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