Monday, January 2, 2012

My Wonderful Boy

Well, you all know lots about my Darling Daughter, Alyssa, who posts over at Well, she hasn't blogged lately. Something about being on vacation and spending time with her husband and children or some such nonsense. Anyway, I've written lots about her here on the  blog. I wrote a whole post just about the day of her birth. I wrote another (still my favorite) about how I love to annoy her (it's payback for her teen years).

But that's not what I came here to talk about today. You see, I also have a son. You actually know that because I've mentioned him before. I told you why I decided to put him in disposable diapers (that was when he was a baby, not recently). He's in the pictures on my 2011 in pictures post, including one of him with his birthday cake on his 27th birthday. I wrote an entire post about him moving out. But apparently none of that is enough. Just last night he was telling a friend that I blog about his sister but not about him. Truthfully, I'm not sure he even reads my blog since he never comments on it, unlike his sister who loves me. So, I don't know how he would know what I posted about! But just in case he is stalking my blog without ever commenting, I will now tell you about my wonderful boy.

We will call him Daredevil. You remember this picture, right? So we're clear as to where the name comes from?
Dumb boy My son in Yosemite National Park
So Daredevil has pretty much always been that way. When he was about a year old we found him on top of the piano. He is very outdoorsy and very active. He likes motorcycles. Last November he went skydiving for the first time, and last week he started learning to surf. I'm so happy we live in California with its freeways and mountains and cliffs and oceans and other means of self-destruction.

But Daredevil is truly unique. In addition to being hyperactive, he's artistic and creative. When he was in grade school he was popular because he drew pictures for all the kids. This in lieu of, you know, doing school work or stuff. When he was twelve he got a paper route and saved enough money to buy an electric guitar. He plays guitar, sings, and writes songs. Apparently chicks dig that. Now here's the surprise. When he was in the 8th grade he wanted a pair of pants, but he couldn't find any exactly like what he wanted. So my manly young man had me take him to the fabric store and buy several yards of denim. Then he asked me to show him how to thread the sewing machine. Then he made a pair of cargo pants. With no pattern because part of the challenge was to figure out how to do it on his own. And they fit! And they looked good! Then his history teacher paid him to make him a pair too.

Eventually, he slowed down long enough to figure out that he's smart too.Currently Daredevil is working two jobs, one for the money and one for fun. During the day he does Computer Assisted Drafting for a manufacturing company. At night he helps run a rock-climbing gym. There's a lot of rock-climbing gear a real rock climber needs. One piece of gear one needs is a chalk bag to hold the chalk that keeps your hands dry so you don't slip off the rock and hurtle to your death. So now, in his spare time between working two jobs, Daredevil is starting up his own business making one-of-a-kind designer chalk bags.  Also, he made this shirt for The Monster-- again without a pattern:

More important than anything else, Daredevil is a good man. He's loving and kind. He's affectionate and family oriented (although still single, girls). He loves his nieces and nephews, his sister, cousins, aunts, grandma.  Most of all, he loves his mama.  And she thinks he's pretty special too.

1 Year Old
With his parakeet, Luke

He caught those himself.