Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Time for...MORE Spending Time with The Princess!

But first, a perennial favorite: English Class Pop Quiz!  One of these sentences is incorrect; the other two are fine. Which is the incorrect sentence?  Suzy and I are going shopping. This is a weekly event for Suzy and I. You're welcome to come with Suzy and me if you like.

More Spending Time with The Princess

I'm sure you all remember this post where I shared some of the many conversations that The Princess has taken part in.  The Princess is my oldest grandchild and a precocious little darling. As I had to point out to my daughter today, The Princess will soon be six years old.

The Princess has never known life without a DVR. She was watching her mother cook dinner and had to walk away for a minute. "Mom!" she said, "Can you pause for me? So I don't miss anything." 

Another time there was this conversation:
‎"Mom what is salt made from?"
"Salt isn't made from's just salt. It comes from the ocean and the ground." 
" gross."  

And this: ‎"Mom I'm a magician. I can turn this frog into a princess. (makes 'magic' noise)....ta da! An invisible princess!"

The Princess is learning new, bigger words, and the results are often quite entertaining:
"Mom, I saw a volcano, and it was interrupting."
"Daddy's car smells like cherries cuz of the air confessioner."
"Look, I can shake really fast like I'm enviborating." 
The lyrics to the "Mattress Discounters" radio jingle: "Have a good night's sleep for less...mattress disgoddess!" 

The Princess is very concerned with the future which prompted this discussion:
‎"Mom are the Beatles real?"
"Oh no! I don't want to be one of the Beatles when I grow up!"
"Um...don't worry. You won't be."
"Good cuz I wanna be a doctor." 
"So I can help people with diarrhea." 

Once again, I don't think we'll top that one today. But there will be more another day; you can be sure!

English Class Pop Quiz answer: The incorrect sentence is, This is a weekly event for Suzy and I. Now who can tell me why?