Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

That was The Hillbilly and me 8 years ago today as we started our new life together. We had both been through some pretty dark days, but the past 8 years have more than made up for it as we've each worked to bring sunshine into the other's life. The wedding and honeymoon got us off to a shaky start. In fact, it took me two posts to blog about it: "My Favorite Hillbilly" and "A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Honeymoon." You should read them; people tell me they're funny.

A lot of stuff has happened in the past 8 years, both good and bad, but my best friend has been beside me through it all. Here are some of the highlights.

In the Last 8 Years:

  • Numerous trips back to his hometown in Missouri. Many of these involved snow: driving during snow, driving after snowstorms and passing cars that had slid off the highway every 20 feet, flying during blizzards, sitting in airports because no one was flying during blizzards, shopping for clothing in a truck stop on Christmas Eve because, due to the blizzard, our luggage had gone to OKC after we were rerouted to St. Louis...and other wonderful memories like that.
  • His mom passed away, and I was there for him.
  • My dad passed away, and he was there for me.
  • My boy left home and moved to Texas.
  • My boy moved back home.
  • My boy left home and moved across town (keeping our fingers crossed on this one.)

  • Trips to Disneyland with grandchildren.

  • Trips to New York to see Granddaughter #3
With The Model at Central Park Zoo

  • Trips to the coast just to be alone together.
  • Many, many, many other good times.
Here's to many  many more good times to come.