Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Hillbilly Attends My High School Reunion

Way back when the world was young, in 1977, I graduated from high school and was voted The Shyest Girl in my senior class. Well, not much changes after 35 years, and I'm still pretty shy, so when it came time for my recent high school reunion I was unsure about attending.
Don't I look like the shyest girl in my class?
 I'm not as shy as I was back in the day, but I'm still not one who can just talk comfortably with people I don't know well. The Hillbilly assured me that I'd be fine, so we went and had a lovely time. Here's his version of the story.

When you reach my age, you have been to a few high school reunions.  Okay then --- quite a few!  In my experience, the first one (mine was the 10th year) has a let us impress everyone with our greatness --- look at what I have accomplished attitude to it.

Sometimes the second one still has a little bit of that feel to it, but begins to be a bit less so. By that time most everyone has children and everyone is sharing and enjoying sharing their experiences.  By the twenty-year reunion, it becomes more of a who still has hair, who is going gray, who has gotten fat or skinny, or isn’t that a new husband or wife for that classmate, etc.

The last one of mine that I got to attend was my 30th.  It was great!  By that time, it was who cares!  Let’s have fun!  Have you got pictures of the kids or grandkids?  Who is that?  Boy have they changed!  How many of us have we lost?  Look at those old pictures.  Look at that hair.  Look at the bellbottoms!  Can you believe we wore those?  And so on!  While attending it, I realized that there were a lot of my classmates that I had really not gotten to know that well.  After having enjoyed spending time with some of them, I wished I had!

Some time back, Cynthia mentioned that her 35th class reunion was this year.  When I asked her if she planned on attending, she said that she didn’t know.  She seemed to have mixed emotions about it.  She told me she hadn’t been to one since her 20th.  I told her that she should go and that I was sure that she would enjoy it.  Eventually she decided that she would!

So we went.  I was the eye candy on her arm.  Okay, I am stretching it a little!  Okay, I am stretching it a lot!  But I was on her arm.  Let’s face it men,  we’re  just the lump used for contrast to make the women look really pretty.  But hey, I did a good job of being that lump.
Me with my trophy husband.

At any rate, the reunion was in the large, beautiful, pooled, back yard of one of Cynthia’s classmates.  Right up front, I want to thank them for their hospitality!  Now, not being a classmate and having moved here from Missouri, I expected that I would be left alone or be visiting mostly with other non class members.  I wasn’t concerned because I had heard that they had food and drinks.  I don’t drink alcohol, but they had soft drinks.

Let’s see, food and soft drinks.  Hey – I'm good!  Cynthia, go forth and visit!  After eating good food, having good visits, eating more good food, having more visits, I then found freshly baked cookies.  Yes!  Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, macadamia nut, and other types of cookies, just sitting there unattended!  There was no one there to tell me to just move along ---  no one there to protect them from the cookie monster.  As the old hillbilly sayings go, I was as happy as a hog in slop or as a fly on --- well, you know what flies like to be on.
Source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1308361

After a while, Cynthia came to me and told me that she was ready to leave.  And I am thinking, why now?  There are still cookies left.  Oh !  Okay then, just spoil my fun!
source unknown

Once again, thank you for the hospitality and the good conversations!

From the Hillbilly’s corner! 

We really did have a nice time, and I got to visit with people I hadn't spoken to in years, including one old high school crush who still doesn't know I had a crush on him...unless, of course, he reads the blog. All in all, it was very enjoyable. There were a couple people I didn't get to talk to long enough before they were whisked away by someone else, so maybe I'll try it again five years from now.

But only if my trophy husband comes along on my arm as eye candy.

And how about you? Have you been to your high school reunions? How did it go?