Friday, October 19, 2012

Random Blog Prompt FRIDAY! (So there, Alyssa!)

Yes, once again I am totally stealing my daughter's brilliant idea and and answering random questions posed by the Random Blog Prompt Generator (RBPG -- a distant relative of R2D2)

So here they are:

The Random Blog Prompts

If I could change my ...  Wow. This one's pretty wide open. I not only have to come up with the "what if" portion, but first I have to decide what I'm changing. This could go lots of places.
          If I could change my name, I'd go by Betty Boop.
          If I could change my job, I'd be a full-time blogger.
          If I could change my house, I'd get one that was a lot bigger with room for entertaining. A self-cleaning one.
          If I could change my marital status, I wouldn't because the Hillbilly makes me deliriously happy.
          If I could change my daughter, she'd leave me alone when I steal her blog ideas.

My favorite movies right now are... ummm....well.... ones with actors? Sorry, not a huge movie goer. I like movies, just not enough to really have a "favorite." At least not lately. But I liked The Avengers.

Name five things in your freezer. Ice cubes, coffee, ice packs for owies, frozen burritos, and tater tots. How about you?

What are the values you cherish even though they run counter to societal values? Well...ummm...what?

If you disappeared today, who would be affected? You want a list, RBPG? Well, wouldn't everyone be affected? I mean, it's the butterfly effect, right? There'd be my family, of course, and my students and co-workers, and my tens of readers. Since they'd be impacted, everyone with whom they come in contact would be affected by my disappearance, and so on and so on. How new agey would you like me to get here, RBPG? And anyway, why in the world am I disappearing? Where did I go? Is "disappear" a euphemism for something else? If so, I'm just confused. I think we'd better move on, RBPG, because you're starting to annoy me.

What's your biggest accomplishment to date? I managed to take two little babies and turn them into intelligent, compassionate, productive human beings. There is no accomplishment of more value than that!

Do we really need more than 50 kinds of shampoo?      No.

No, we don't.

If money didn't matter, what job or career would you go for? Lady of leisure.

There we go! We have successfully navigated another Random Blog Prompt Friday! What do you think? Do you have any answers for RBPG? Leave them in the comments!