Sunday, August 19, 2012

His Side of the Story

As most of you know, I have been posting about my hillbilly school days.  Since we just returned from a high mileage vacation, and my wife was driven to cartooning, (see her last post), and I was maligned, I decided to throw in my two cents worth of vacation thoughts.

As most of our large vacations wind up being, this one was a more of a go-to-see-the-family-and-friends vacation. For the last couple of years we have been trying to mix in some sightseeing with these visits. This time, the trip included the Grand Canyon, AZ and Stone Mountain, GA.  Last year we saw Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons in WY and Meteor Crater in AZ.  This sightseeing kind of spices up the trip, (and speaking of spicing up the trip --- Well, never mind. The kids read the blog.)  At any rate, it lets me once again see places that I enjoy and want to share with Cynthia who has not yet seen them.  This also gives her more opportunities to work on her photography.  And then occasionally, we also try to include some of our bucket list items.

This year’s bucket list item, was for me to take my wife out to a particular high-falutin' restaurant.  I have been telling her about it for years, and we were going to get relatively close to it while going to see my sister.  So I splurged!  It was so fancy that we waited at the parking lot for transportation to the restaurant.
The Waiting Area

  We were then driven to it in a van by a tour guide.  We then walked by shops under a wooden covered walk which led us to our choice of stairs or an elevator.
Covered Walk
The Elevator
The Stairs

Naturally, being green, (grass stain on my shoes), and  conservative about using energy, (our energy), we chose the elevator.  Hey, give us a break!  It was 3 or 4 stories up and we had just driven the first 55% of about a 4200 mile trip.  Besides, we had already helped the nation’s economy by sharing the wealth with gas station owners all across the U.S.  Our president should be quite happy and proud of us.  In fact, he is probably a lot more proud of us than our banker – if you know what I mean!

 Knowing that the suspense is killing you in finding out where we went to eat, I will go ahead and tell you!  It was The Cave Restaurant. It's called that because it's actually in a cave.
Hillbilly in a Cave
 Historically, back during the prohibition, (when booze was illegal, for you youngins who don’t know), it was a speakeasy.  I guess in more modern vernacular, it was a dance club which sold illegal alcoholic drinks.  Being in Hillbilly Land, the illegal alcohol was most likely white lightning.  At any rate, that is where we ate.
The Cave Restaurant 

Cynthia had steak.  She has a high-falutin' appetite.  I just had a half pound burger.  You know, all I could afford after letting Cynthia eat that high-falutin' stuff!  At any rate, they gave us a small loaf of bread with butter while we waited for our other food, and things were cooked the way we asked.  My burger was good and Cynthia’s steak was OK.  I am guessing that if we had went with the Italian, barbecue, or catfish, we would have done better.  The owner used to own a popular restaurant called Dowd’s Catfish in Lebanon, MO.  They have fried stuff, (yum), like fried pickles and such!

Now consider Cynthia’s last blog with me.  Here I am taking her on this trip!  I am showing her the sights.  I take her out to eat at high-falutin' restaurants like The Cave.  And though not as fancy, I also took her to some uptown places called McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, and some Mexican restaurant I don't remember the name of.  I am letting her eat these high-falutin' meals while I just struggle along with cheaper, low class meals.  I thoughtfully brought her chocolate, pretzels, and other snacks to keep her happy while we drove! I made sure she had her favorite Pepsi Throwback and that fancy bottled water. I get her to all these different photo shoot opportunities.  I constantly check on her health.  I reach over and pat her leg to . . . ahem. . . see if she is hot.  Why, I am being so sweet that honey is almost dripping off of me!

All this sweetness, and I get maligned!

Just because I remarked, "You're not as hot as you were."

Life is just cruel to a poor, misunderstood, and maligned hillbilly!

From the Hillbilly’s Corner! 

So there you have it, The Hillbilly's side of the story. Maybe I was too hard on him. What do you think? And don't you wish you could have dinner in a cave?