Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Visit to The Model: Wordless Wednesday

Recently, we drove from our home in California to see our granddaughter The Model in Atlanta, GA. Spending time with her was worth every minute of the long, looooong drive. Along the way, we stopped at the Grand Canyon, which I had never seen. While visiting we also visited Stone Mountain, GA, which was quite an impressive sight.

Here for Wordless Wednesday are some pictures from the trip.

Little girl balancing on a rock in the middle of a puddle
The Model is a long-legged four-year-old. She found every puddle on the top of Stone Mountain

Puddle with grass and small flowers
Stone Mountain is the 2nd largest rock in the world. It's a massive piece of granite, but life still manages to take hold.

Little girl in her grandmother's big hat.

A cloud shaped like a mermaid
The Mermaid Cloud

Smiling little girl on playground equipment
At the playground

Little girl with big eyes frightened on the playground zip line
Zip Line Terror

Grand Canyon, 2012

Grand Canyon, 2012