Monday, January 20, 2014

Something's New Around Here

Since I took my little hiatus, there have been a lot of new things going on here at Commonplace Crazy. Without a doubt, one thing stands out above the rest.

We have a new granddaughter!
We'll temporarily call her #6

#6 was born in September. She's the baby sister of The Model.

Of course you all remember the first five grandchildren (Look out! I've found an excuse for grandchild pictures!) In addition to the model, we have:

#6's big sister, The Model.

The Princess. Can you believe she's going to be 8 in March?

The Princess's baby brother, The Monster (You just have to take my word for it.)

Miss Sunshine and big sister The Athlete
So hang around and find out what the girls and The Monster have been up to lately, and how The Monster has been handling being outnumbered five to one.

Anything new with you since we last chatted?