Friday, March 23, 2012

Return of the Zombie Apocalypse--Part One

As I'm sure you recall, my 8th grade honors students asked if they could write about the Zombie Apocalypse, so I came up with a fun and educational assignment. If you haven't seen that assignment yet, be sure to check it out before reading this update. I promise we won't start without you.

Many of you wanted me to share what the kids came up with, so here we are. First, I am happy to report that almost all of the kids are taking their moms into the zombie shelter with them. As J.P. said, "First off, my ma came along, Why? Dude. She’s my mom."

 I believe there were two boys who were leaving Mom behind, and I hope the zombies eat them both. (Ok, truthfully, I hoped that before I found out about the whole throwin' Mom to the zombie horde thing.)

Another theme that popped out at me was the astonishing concern fourteen-year-old boys have with repopulating the planet. Most of them seemed to see this as a sacred duty which they were determined to fulfill. One young man, B.D., said it best: First, I would take the supermodel, so I could repopulate after the apocalypse- If you know what I mean!

Not to be outdone, P.S. managed to find a female auto mechanic, doctor, and iron worker. And I.T. was apparently listening in class: Last but certainly not least is a super model which I can use to repopulate after the zombies are all gone and she would be brunet instead of blond because Mrs. Meents said that we want more smart genes in the world.
The management of this blog does not necessarily agree, in whole or in part, with the opinion represented in this statement.

However, even though he recognized the necessity, O.C. wanted no part of this: Then for the fourth, the super model. To repopulate the world… not going to be me either, I’m too young for baby momma drama.

Lest you think only the boys are shallow, I need to point out that the girls were bringing some celebrities with them too. C.H. said, "Bringing the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold, Matt Shadows, is probably the most important part of surviving the apocalypse. Since he is with us, I may die happy if need be"

Most of the kids thought very practically, identifying the professions that would be most useful in rebuilding the world, weighing one scientist against another, considering the psychological and spiritual needs of the survivors, speculating on what would be left once the zombies had starved to death. They had some interesting and astute insights.

 I had wondered what they would do about the wheelchair-bound carpenter. Many of them recognized that he could teach them important skills even if he couldn't do the actual work.

I am also happy to report that many of them consider their 53-year-old teacher to be an asset to the survival team, even though as H.J. points out, "she may be older." They either feel that it is important for their new populace to be properly educated or that it is possible to kiss up to their teacher and get a good grade on the zombie assignment. One or the other. I can't be sure which.

Of course, many of them brought a sense of humor to the assignment. For example, this is A.A.'s reason for bringing the doctor: I would keep Doc for obvious reasons; to play with his stethoscope! It’s so fun, listening to a heartbeat. But I hate it when people come and tap on the part that you put on the person’s body because it hurts your ears. He could also heal wounds if we got cut. It’s like a two-for-one deal!
Well, this is turning into one of those novel-length posts, and we still have a long way to go. For example, what kind of necessities are these kids stocking their shelters with? How did the young pregnant woman with a child fare?  Which kids said they would bring the sign-holding highway worker and why? WHY?