Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Blog Prompt Friday

So over here in Crazy Land, there's a virus going around, and the thinkers are not thinking very well. For this reason, I thought I'd copy my daughter, NearNormalcy, and go visit one of those Internet blog prompt generators that so effectively give writers ideas for weaving their words into tapestries of wonder that delight the reader into fits of bliss.

I didn't find one.

At least not one that worked quite that well. I did find this one, so let me go about answering the blog prompt generator's questions. I think 5 questions should be plenty, don't you?

1. I regret...    Well, now wait a minute, Blog Prompt Generator. We've just met. It seems a little early for true confessions, and besides that, three little dots isn't really a confession. Did you have something you regret, or...Oh. I see. I'm supposed to complete the sentence. We'll move on.

2. Name 5 things in  your refrigerator. Seriously? This is supposed to prompt an entire blog post? Okay, fine. I've got the same stuff as anyone else.
     1) a bottle of lactobacillus acidophilus (2 billion active cultures)
     2) a 73oz bottle of Chaka's "Mmm" Sauce (original recipe)
     3) milk in a fine china creamer left over from when we had the preacher and his wife for dinner 2 weeks ago
     4)a decorating bag full of frosting left over from Christmas fun with the granddaughters:

Fun with frosting!
      5) several cans of  Pepsi Throwback because I love it, and it's the best soft drink in the whole wide world, and it contains no high fructose corn syrup which is bad I don't care what the manufacturers say,

3. Describe a color in one word without using the color's name. Pretty.

4. In your experience...  Now, see, that's not really a question, so it's difficult to answer. In my experience, the sun comes up in the East, every morning, regular as clockwork. Well, except when the government decides it's time for Daylight Saving Time (it's not savings, folks). We need to save daylight for the farmers so they can...well... I don't really know, what with the invention of the electric light and all. So, in my experience government programs do not go away once they have outlived their usefulness. Can I get an amen?

5. List 5 things you want. Again with the lists!
     1) 10 grandchildren. My mom has 10, so I want 10. I've currently got 5. That younger boy is slacking.
     2) A red mustang convertible. The Hillbilly doesn't want me to have a convertible because they're dangerous (you know, for all those times I roll my car over), and besides that, I'm prone to skin cancer and shouldn't be riding around with the top down anyway. Fine!
     3) A puppy. The Hillbilly is allergic. You see how he holds me down?
I'll take a poodle. Or a chihuahua. Or whatever.

     4) A big piece of land with houses on it for all the children so that the grandchildren could come see us any time they want without even leaving the property.

     5) For this virus to run its course and leave me alone! My throat feels like I've swallowed barbed wire!  Enough!!

This ends Random Blog Prompt Friday. Did anything ring a bell with you? What's in your refrigerator, anyway? And do you have a better explanation for Daylight Saving Time? Did you know that's saving and not savings? Good.