Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Games We Play

 English Class Pop Quiz: What's wrong with this sentence?
When you've paid all that money for a weeks’ vacation, you don’t want to spend two or three days recovering from jet lag.

It seems that most couples have their own private games they play. I don't mean those games. I mean the games that somehow got invented during the relationship and are unique to this particular couple. The Hillbilly and I have our own favorite pastime called Guess What Word I'm Thinking Of. The Hillbilly gives me clues, and if I can guess, I win. We play it A LOT!

Hillbilly: Do you have a bottle of that stuff?
Me: I have lots of bottles. Which bottle?
He rubs his fingers together on one hand.
Me: Lotion? Hand Sanitizer?
Hillbilly: Hand sanitizer.

Now understand that the game is never announced. It just begins with no warning.

Hillbilly: You know that singer from Oklahoma?
Me: Blake Shelton?
Hillbilly: Yeah. He did a duet with the gal from Missouri.
Me: Sara Evans?
Hillbilly: Yeah.
I WIN!  Now the only reason I know those two is because that's how The Hillbilly always describes them.

Hillbilly: He reminds me of the guy from that one show. The show with the cops and the lawyers.
Me: Umm...
Hillbilly: It has SVU.
Me: Umm...Oh! Law and Order!
Hillbilly: Yeah, that's it.
I WIN!    

And this:
Hillbilly: You know those little animals? They're like possums on the half shell.
 Me: ???
Hillbilly: They get run over all the time.
Me: ???
Hillbilly: ....Armadillos! That's it.
Sorry. There was no way I was winning that one.

So do you and your family play this one? What's the craziest description you ever got? I'll bet you can't beat possums on the half shell.

Pop Quiz Answer: Weeks' should be week's. We're only talking about one week and the vacation that belongs to it. If the apostrophe comes after the s, it indicates that the noun is plural. We discussed this in a previous post.