Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Post is Made from All New Materials and Has Not Been Recycled

So The Hillbilly says I should surprise you and write a new post. He points out that it's been several weeks since I posted anything and, "That one was used."

"Recycled! Nothing wrong with recycling."

"It was used."


It's time for a look at "This Year's Names in the Eighth Grade," also known as "What Names Did All the Cool Moms Choose 13 Years Ago?"

The Year 2000 was brought to you by the Letters A and J. 
This year's students include:

Abel                                               Jackson
Adrian                                           Jacob 
Alex #1                                         Janelle 
Alex #2                                         Jayden 
Alexis                                            Jenna 
Alyssa                                           Johana 
Aria                                                Jordan 
Armando                                      Jose
Athena                                          Joseph #1
Austin                                           Joseph #2

I also have 2 Benjamins, and Breanna, Brianna, and Brianna. I've got 2 Victorias, neither of whom goes by Vicki. There's a Kelsy and a Carlee as well as Hailee and Haylee.  There are 2 Destinys, 2 Graces, 2 Isaiahs, 2 Megans, 2 Olivias, and 2 Tylers.

Some names I've never had in class before:
Aria, Athena, Brock, Dawson, Ebony, Efrain, Fallon, Holland, Jayden, Juniper, Kailani, Keoni, Levi, Lovesimron, Madeline, Merridia, Nancy, Nellie, Olivia, and Tatania. Now try to guess which of those are boys and which are girls.

This year is the first time I've ever had an Alyssa in class. As you know, that's my daughter's name. The first day of school this new Alyssa asked me to call her Lucretia.

"Does your mom call you Lucretia?"
"Well, then I can't call you Lucretia. Besides, Alyssa is a good name. I gave it to my daughter!"
"Then can you call me Daughter?"
"Sure. Even better, I'll call you Sweetie Pie."

And I do.