Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fourth of July Fun

I have always loved Independence Day, even when I didn't know that's what it was called. When I was little, it was just the Fourth of July. Do you remember the old joke?
         Does England have a fourth of July?
         Of course! It's the day after the third!

I remember picking out fireworks with my brother. He liked those black "snakes." They just stunk up the place as far as I was concerned. I loved the sparklers. All the kids would stand in a circle and "write" their names with them. They were great back in those days! They burned brighter and longer than today's sparklers, and they weren't made of wood. They were made of wire that got really hot, and then you dropped it on the ground, and since all the kids were running around barefoot, someone always stepped on one and...okay. Maybe that part wasn't so good.

Nowadays, we always go to  my sister's house on the fourth. My brother-in-law grills hot dogs, and we have homemade ice cream. When it gets dark we all troop out to the front yard for fireworks in the street. The men used to light them, but the nephews have taken over now. Okay, the nephews are all over 21, so technically they're men, but still. You know what I mean.

I remember when my kids were little we'd shop for T-shirts or little red, white, and blue outfits. It was so much fun dressing up the little ones.

 I wish I had a little one to dress up! All I've got are the grandkids...wait. I've got the grandkids!!

 Do you have plans for this Independence Day? Share in the comments.