Monday, February 4, 2013

Things I Have Been Asked Lately

I truly love my students. In fact, when I'm not wanting to rip out their voice boxes, they are a source of never-ending entertainment. Junior high is that interesting age between Cute Little Kid-dom and Too Cool for School.

One of the more interesting parts of teaching is coming up with answers for some of the questions I'm asked. There are a lot of times when I just give the kid a blank stare because I have no idea what to say.

Let me share some of the things they've asked me lately. For some reason the best questions always start with, "Mrs. Meents..."

"Mrs. Meents, Chris wants to know if you're a boxer because you're wearing an Everlast shirt." 
Yep. That's how you can tell.

"Mrs. Meents, do you want a garbanzo? How about a kidney?" 
I  have to quit letting them eat lunch in my classroom.

"Mrs. Meents, what's your favorite dinosaur?"

"Mrs. Meents, how come if you say south (sowth) you don't say sowthern?"
. . . 

"Is it possible to have 'soft' handwriting?"

If you've got a good answer for those last two, would you let me know? I'm blank!