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And this is me.

Thanks for clicking on the "About Me" tab. I appreciate the interest. At least I assume someone some day is going to click on the tab and read this. I'd hate to think I'm babbling on and on to no one at all.

Anyway, welcome to my page, and welcome to my world. I'm glad you're here to visit my little blog so we can have a chat and a few laughs. I'm a wife, mom, grandma and retired junior high school teacher transplanted from the Central Valley of California and living a strange new life in Missouri.

In October 2011 I decided to imitate my daughter and become a blogger. You can read my very first post to see how it all started. When I started this blog I had no idea what I wanted to write about or what you might want to read about. So far it seems to center around the following:

1. I've got some grandchildren that are the greatest grandchildren on earth. Really! I mean, there haven't been any scientific tests or polls or anything, but I think they're wonderful, so there you go.

2. I'm married to a hillbilly. I love him. He loves me. It's a good thing. After I started blogging, I discovered that My Hillbilly also likes to write. I thought I'd humor him by letting him write a few posts, but eventually I had to put my foot down.  And limit him to one post per week. And give him his own page. I'm firm like that.

3. I've started trying to learn to be a good amateur photographer. I like to share some of my adventures in amateur photography. That's good for a laugh.

4. Some of my most popular posts have turned out to be my English teacher grammar rants. Come for the education, stay for the snarkiness. Or is that the other way around?

Most of all, I just like to share some of the craziness that is common in my everyday life. I might get serious once in a while, but I doubt it. I mean I can be serious. I've done it before. In fact I do it all the time....But we all need to escape from seriousness once in a while. Thanks to My Hillbilly I've left a deep dark hole behind, and I'd like to keep it that way. So let's all agree that I can be serious. I know life isn't all popcorn and daffodils, but we're just going to ignore all that for the few minutes we spend together now and again. Okay? Great! I just knew we were going to get along. So, welcome to my world.

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