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Ask the English Teacher

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Writing something, and not sure about proper grammar, punctuation, or usage? Don't worry! One of your closest friends is an English teacher and loves to answer questions of that type. Just leave a comment with your question. Isn't it great to have an English teacher friend? You're welcome!

Questions That Have Been Answered
Reader XL said..."I think I overuse commas. Can you recommend a good source to check regarding comma usage?" I was happy to suggest several good sources for XL to check out regarding punctuation in the post "Comma On Over".

A reader asks, "May and might. I never know the correct word to use. May I help you? I know that one BUT I might go to the store? or I may go to the store?"  I answer that question in "I Wish I May; I Wish I Might."

In "Let's Talk Grammar: Sit or Set" I explain how to properly use these irregular verbs. I also have a post explaining the difference between lie and lay.

Alisa asked about quotation marks. Find out more in "Quotation Marks: Everybody's Talking."

A reader asks, "What is the subject in the following sentence? 'There was no chance, however, to stretch our legs.'"  Find the answer in "Is There a Subject in this Sentence?"

My nephew Charlie asked me to address the difference between affect and effect. I explain the difference between the two in "Affect or Effect: The Big Showdown."

Some topics I wrote about just because I wanted to: 
"The Superfluous Apostrophe "
"My Favorite Lesson: Who or Whom"  Starring Gilligan!