Monday, April 7, 2014

A Toddler in the Tub

There's not much cuter than a toddler in the bathtub; I'm sure you'd agree. Here's one now!
Sesame Street Bathtub Bumper

That particular toddler happens to be my second granddaughter, The Model, in an ad for the Sesame Street Bath Tub Bumper, available at Amazon (affiliate link above).

Toddlers in the tub are adorable with their cheery smiles, their playful giggles, their hair full of bubbles...their noisy splashes, the water everywhere except in the tub. Well, Grandma still thinks they're cute!

If you think water all over the bathroom is not the cutest thing in the world, then you need this latest gizmo of which I've recently become aware! It's the Tubby Table bathtub toy.

This nifty bathtub table let's your child play in the tub while increasing the likelihood that the water will stay in the tub where it belongs! You know how little ones play, running their toys along the edge of the tub, especially boys like my grandson, The Monster, who turns any toy into a car to be driven along the most convenient road.

I recently received a Tubby Table to try, so I invited The Monster over to give it a trial run. Here's what happened: 


 All in all, the Tubby Table was a huge success. The water stayed in the tub, and The Monster had fun. In fact, every time he comes over now, he wants to take a bath!

The Tubby Table engages children ages one & up with 5 multi-colored, numbered and shaped cups, and a surface to play on for hours of endless fun. The table is height-adjustable to grow with your little one. The Tubby Table sells on the website ( for $39.99 (including shipping), and on Amazon for $29.99 + $10.00 shipping.

I assembled the Tubby Table myself, and it went together easily. 

 Tubby Table is currently hosting a Facebook sweeps (through 4/20) and giving away an $80 Amazon gift card—the perfect amount to purchase two Tubby Tables! You can enter here:

( I received a free Tubby Table for review. All opinions are my own.)

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