Monday, July 29, 2013

Welcome to Her Adorning

I've been very busy lately, and I'll share with you what I've been doing. Of course, some of you already know, but this is my blog, and I can do what I want!

A couple posts ago I wrote about modesty. I pointed out that modesty isn't about shame; it's about presenting oneself as a dignified, intelligent human being. With that in mind I decided to help like-minded women who want to dress modestly.

You know how it is when you go shopping these days. It's nearly impossible to find anything with a hemline that will allow you to actually sit down comfortably without showing all the tea in China. Of course there are maxi dresses, but those are either slit all the way up to the belly button, or they're strapless, backless, and frontless! I've seen lovely blouses that merchants were trying to pass off as dresses. In fact, that would be a great game! Is this a dress or a blouse?
Item #1: Dress or blouse?

Item #2: Dress or blouse?

Item #3: Dress or blouse.

 Check your score: Number two is a blouse. Numbers one and three are dresses, at least according to the merchant's website. How did you do?

Thinking about all of this, I decided to save ladies time by doing the shopping for them. Rather than spending endless hours searching for a needle in a haystack, I want to give women a stack full of needles! To that end, I founded Her Adorning.

Here's a description from the first weekly newsletter:

Who's Behind Her Adorning?

Her Adorning is the brainchild of me, Cynthia Meents. Who am I?  I'm a teacher, a mother, grandmother, wife, blogger, Christian, Facebook addict, and snappy dresser. Okay, maybe not that last one, but I do like to wear pretty clothes that look current. I am a grandmother, but I don't want to wear my grandmother's clothes.

Her Adorning is for women like me who want to dress modestly without feeling dowdy or blah. Some of us believe in cherishing our precious bodies and not treating them carelessly by casting our pearls before swine. Some of us are just more comfortable with a little more coverage. Some of us are feminists who don't want to be seen as sex objects, which seems to be the way the fashion industry sees us. Some of us are Christian, some Jewish, some Muslim. Some claim no religion at all.

Her Adorning is for women who get tired of searching for clothes they can be comfortable in. I save you time (and irritation) by doing the shopping for you. I get flabbergasted by blouses claiming they're dresses so that you don't have to! One visit to Her Adorning gives you access to dozens of outfits, all modest, and all stylish!

I've been working on this for several weeks, and it gives me immense satisfaction.

I've also just sent out the first weekly newsletter. It contains outfit ideas, coupon codes, and links to merchant specials. If you're interested in receiving  my weekly newsletter from Her Adorning, please sign up here.

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