Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blogs You Should Read

An interesting phenomenon in the blogging world is the "Blogging Award." These awards are actually little bloggy chain letters and I discussed them in a post the last time I received one. Usually these awards come with requirements such as "Tell us 7 things we don't know about you and then nominate 11 other bloggers and make them do the same thing." The only way this is better than a chain letter is that my admirers who bless me with the award don't also threaten me with imminent disaster should I fail to perform in a timely manner.

Truly, I appreciate the thought behind the award. I love that someone thinks of Commonplace Crazy when asked to think of blogs they enjoy. I am flattered and grateful and humbled. But really, to shift analogies, the whole thing is kind of a pyramid scheme. There are only so many bloggers in the world, and once we've all loved up on one another with these awards, it begins to feel a little inbred. (How many ways can I mix this metaphor?)

Also, I've run out of things to tell you that you don't already know. If you're new around here, go through the archive and get caught up. It's all there.

Anyway, I've received several awards from kind-hearted and generous bloggers:


I started blogging last October, and I really enjoy it. I enjoy the writing; I enjoy your comments; I enjoy the feeling of community we've established. As our little community continues to grow, I want to spread the love around a little. What I don't want to do it create a sense of obligation in those on whom the love is to be showered.


I've created my own little blog award, The No-Strings-Attached Really Good Blog Award!

This award is given to blogs that I think my readers would enjoy reading because I enjoy reading them. It comes with no requirements or duties whatsoever. Just accept the award as a compliment. Anyone is free to share this award with any number of bloggers at any time.

Today, I am awarding the No-Strings-Attached Really Good Blog Award to:

The Magnificent Mr. Carlos: And not just because he's my nephew. Although with that kind of pedigree, you know he's good! Mr. Carlos likes to share magic tricks, and words of wisdom, and FANCY things on Friday. He's also in the Navy, travels a lot, and shares some stunning pictures. In addition, he has a sweet little daughter who manages to look just like him and still be cute.

Melissa at MomComm: If you're a blogger, you need to be reading Melissa's blog. She has some of the most helpful advice I've read on blogging. You should also take her Content Brew class and buy her do-it-yourself Blog Critique ebook. You will NOT be sorry you did.

Stepping Out of My Boat: Join Hannah as she steps out of her comfort zone, trusting in God to see her through. To quote Hannah: "If you read blogs to feel better about yourself and how tidy your house is and how well behaved your kids are and pretty much any other area of your life...BOY IS THIS THE ONE FOR YOU!"

Contemplating Happiness: Trish is a really good writer. She's also a little quirky, but I like quirky. If you do too, then you should definitely check her out.

Parenting Illustrated with Crappy Pictures: I love this blog! Follow the adventures of Crappy Mama and Crappy Papa and their two sons Crappy Boy and Crappy Baby. You just have to see it.

So these five bloggers are the first recipients of The No-Strings-Attached Really Good Blog Award! Be sure you visit them. You'll be glad you did!

Feel free to give the Award to any blogger you feel is worthy. Just leave a comment and let me know about it. Which bloggers do you feel deserve an award?

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