Thursday, June 14, 2012

"While Supplies Last" Means While Supplies Last!

Don't worry; Commonplace Crazy is not turning into a product marketing blog even though this is the second such post in a row. I just had to share this sale with you because it will be over quickly and I love these aprons so much!

Flirty Aprons Irregulars Sale

 Right now, while supplies last, these aprons are available at bargain prices. Flirty aprons go through rigorous quality inspection - most flaws are minimal and difficult to notice. Some common irregularities include: restitching, loose seams & pockets, and minor print flaws.

I came across these aprons awhile ago and had to have one for myself! They are just adorable. This is the one I ordered for myself:
Sugar and Spice
 I paid $29.95 for mine; you can get it for $12.95! Here are the other aprons on sale for 54% to 81% off.

Pink Chocolate: $5.95

Pink Chocolate for Girls: $9.95

Sassy Black: $12.95

Hurry over to Flirty Aprons because "While supplies last" means while supplies last! If you don't care for any of these, be sure to click on over to their home page where they have dozens of other styles, but not at these prices!

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This post contains affiliate links, but I bought my own apron because they're so adorable!