Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Camera Crazy Cynthia

Friends, may I direct your attention to my newest endeavor: www.cameracrazy.net (NOT .com). Don't you love how the name goes along with the title of this blog? Yep. I thought of that myself. Thank you.

Camera Crazy

Of course I'll still be here; I've got lots more to talk about. I'm just trying to get a little more serious about learning photography, so I'm forcing myself to step up my game a bit. Over at Camera Crazy, I'll be posting step-by-step exercises and inviting my interested friends to learn along with me. I'm counting on some of you to help me out over there.

Even if you're not into the whole camera thing, stop by to help me launch my new blog. I'll see you here, and I hope to see you there! And I probably won't cry if you don't hop over to say Hi. Probably. Maybe. Well, if you're willing to take that chance, I just hope you can live with yourself.