Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stuff I Just Learned I Need!

Okay, so I get these emails from different vendors with whom I am affiliated (that was good English teacher talk, huh?), and these emails are full of wonderful deals that I am supposed to share with you. In the process, I'm supposed to make a little money. The big problem is, if I make any money, it's all going right back to these vendors because suddenly I need stuff I never knew I needed before. Do you suppose the vendors know that's how it works?

The first thing I need is one of these Magnetic Memo Boards from Lot 26 Studio:

See how the little flowers are actually magnets to hold the notes? Isn't that cute? It also comes in other designs like these:

from: Lot 26 Studio
from: Lot 26 Studio

Lot 26 Studio Carries a large variety of wall art. I love these mirrored holiday-time wall decals:

Add-Heres Mirrored Wall Decals, Mirrored Cardinals & Snowflakes

I think my granddaughters,  would love these mirrored decals worthy of a princess:
Add-Heres Mirrored Wall Decals, Reflection Princess

They also have some fabulous wall art that is reasonably priced.

Add-Heres Wall Decals, Leaf Impressions Block

And I've definitely got to get one of these! They're on sale!! You keep it plugged in, and as soon as there's a power failure, it lights up! No more digging around in a drawer for a flashlight or matches for the candles. This just lights up and lets you know right where it is. Is that cool or what?

You can get it at Current and  Enjoy 99₵ Shipping and Handling at Ends 12.31.11.

I'm thinking that at some point I  need to hand down the family recipes to my daughter. This is also available at Current:

So, check it out if you see anything you like. I'll be sending them my check this week....wait....isn't that supposed to be the other way around? I think I'm doing this wrong!