Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seasons Greetings

We'll be going to Disneyland shortly (this makes me jump for joy), and I'm very excited because I've never been there when the Happiest Place on Earth has been all dressed up for the holidays! While we're there, the Hillbilly and I will be posing for our annual Christmas card photo. I've had a favorite photo card supplier for years, but I'm starting to find their choices a little humdrum. Same old thing year after year. This year I've discovered Tiny Prints, and I really like some of their choices.

Tiny Prints Studio Basics Holiday Cards - Starting from just $.69 each!

I especially like the tri-fold cards. They have some very sophisticated styles, like this one:
Tri fold holiday cards, Studio Shots
As well as some more traditional holiday styles:

Tri fold holiday cards, Fairy Forest 

I also like these "flip cards" with the 2-sided cutouts:
Die cut christmas cards, Wrap It Up 
And finally, if I decide I'd like to hang on someone's tree as an ornament, there are these cute round cards:


Ornament cards, Traditional Tidings 

I guess I'll have to wait until I see our picture to decide which type of card I want to get. I'm really excited about the choices, though. What do you think? Do you like the more unique shapes, or would you rather go with a more traditional card?

Clicking on any of the pictures will take you directly to Tiny Prints.  


  1. Those are cute. Is Tiny Prints paying you for this? :)

    Maybe I'll check them out this year.

  2. I like the little round ornament cards! What a good idea! (But getting my kids to pose close to each other and look happy is highly unlikely. Unless of course it's acceptable to have a picture of one hitting the other over the head.)

  3. Alyssa, see my advertising page.

    Momnextdoor I think realistic pictures like that make the very best Christmas cards. ;) I'll bet the kids in those pictures aren't even related anyway.


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